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My Fun Summer

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Catching Up

Wow! Have we been super busy this fall. It has been so crazy, that I just haven’t found time to update. Well, let me go all the way back to August.
We decided to have a family Griswald vacation and drive to New York to visit family and friends. Daddy said, “we bought this mini van,now let’s use it”. So off we went. The drive wasn’t too bad since Carson and I got to watch movies the whole way. We visited all our family and friends and had a great time. Looks like we will be headed back their next August since I am going to be a flower girl in cousin Dawn’s wedding!! Can’t wait for the big day.
Once we got home from NY, it was time for me to start Kindergarten at my new school, Cornerstone Christian Academy. I wasn’t even nervous on the first day, I was excited! I LOVE school. My teacher is Mrs. Forehand. She is so great and I love all the kids in my class. I am learning so much in school. I love doing Math and Reading. I especially love buying the school lunch. It is so good and of course I eat everything on my plate.
Carson started school too. He is in my old 3 year old class with Ms. Kay and Ms. Jane. He loves school too. Especially when he gets to play with his buddy JJ.
In October, Mommy and Daddy left us again and went to Colorado to watch the Dawgs play. So, we got to live it up with our MeMaw. She lets us do whatever we want. I cant wait for Mommy and Daddy to leave again.
Then, Mommy and Daddy drove us down to Florida to visit Aunt Darcy and Uncle Art. We always love going to see them because they take us to the beach and all over town doing fun things. We went to a cool church fair and got to get candy and jump in bouncy houses. I can’t wait to go back their again.
This Thanksgiving, I got to do a show with my class at school. I LOVE to sing and do shows so of course, it was awesome. Then at Christmas time, I did a dance show and a singing show. It just doesn’t get any better than that.
The saddest part of the year was when we had to say goodbye to our Jasper. She left us to go to heaven in September and we all miss her around the house. We said goodbye to Jasper by letting balloons float up to heaven and by making a garden stepping stone for our sun porch. I miss Jasper but I’m glad she is with Jesus now.

As we approach Christmas, we wish you nothing but Joy this season. We are so grateful for all the family and friends in our lives. May you have a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year.


We had a wonderful Father’s Day today. We started it off with a bang by serving Daddy a healthy dose of BlackBerry. First we presented him with BlackBerry (the phone device) cufflinks and next we delivered him breakfast in bed. What did we serve? Blackberry crepes, of course! We all know he has an obsession with BlackBerry phones, so we knew this theme would keep him happy for the day.

After Church we hopped on over to the local movie joint to catch the latest installment of Toy Story (Toy Story 3, that is). What a blast we had. Mommy cried a little bit at the end…what a sap!

And what did we do after the movie? Well, we hit the pool, of course. Us kids took turns on the diving board, which kept the folks entertained. Here are some pics to keep you busy…until next time.

Brooke Diving

Carson Diving

– Brooke & Carson

Words of Wisdom…

As I raced up the stairs, reached the top, and declared victory against my sister, Brooke, I was met with these wise words from her mouth: “Only when I win is it a race”

Yeah…that is my sister. I love you, Brooke….or shall I say Sensei.

– Carson

Carson is Three!

Happy Birthday to me! On June 10th, I had the coolest tractor party in the world. I celebrated turning three with 40 of my closest friends and family members. Mom and Dad know how much I love tractors so they didn’t hold back. They pulled out everything from tractor napkins, cups, candles, cupcakes, and a cool tractor cake. Also, Mr. Eric brought over his real life tractor to give us all rides! Yes, a real tractor!! I also had my own jumpy to bang around in all day. It was everything a boy would want in a party. Wait..did I hear you ask where the motorcycle was? Well, I’m glad you asked. Mr. Tommy brought over his motorcycle the next day so me and my cousins could scoot around the yard. I’m a natural!

Check out this cake Mom and Dad made for me…and yes, it is completely home made and edible:

Tractor Cake

And check out me chillin’ on the tractor:

Carson Tractor Chilling

And what did I get for my birthday? Well, I got tons and tons of tools. And guess what else I got? I got even more tools! I got tool boxes, grinders, screw drivers, drills, air compressors, wheelbarrows, wrenches, saws, and…you get the point. I am obsessed with my tools and now I can fix anything. If you need anything, drop a comment below and I will see if I can fit you into my busy schedule. I charge $155/hr, so I am very reasonable and I garuntee my work.

Until next time.

– Carson

Dancing Queen

I just finished my second dance recital of my young career. This year, on the big stage, I did a tap dance to the song Animal Crackers; naturally, I was fantastic. The show was called the iPod Shuffle and played a mixture of music from the past few decades. Everyone liked it, but, of course, the best act was my group of purple girls. At the end of the show I was met with a handful of flowers from Mommy, Daddy, and Mi-Ma. They said I was brilliant and…I must agree. Check out this hack video Daddy took (he is a bad boy…he wasn’t suppose to film).

Next year, I will have two dances, two costumes, and who knows…pretty soon a solo!

– Brooke

Bobcat Time

Mr. Eric, my kick-butt neighbor, just got a new driveway today. He of course used Firm Foundations to handle the work (that was a plug for my Dad’s favorite Mr. Daryl). Of course, me being Carson and all, I had to run out and watch the whole event unfold. I’m a sucker for tractors, trucks, shovels, Jeeps, and Bobcats! You heard me, Bobcats! I got to get in one too. Check me out

Carson Bobcat

Ok…until next time…I have a driveway to pave.

– Carson

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